Carbon Footprint

We aim to reduce our Carbon Footprint as much as possible.

The environment & sustainability are important to us here at Karri Kitchen.  We aim to use as much fresh, local produce as possible in our cooking.  For that reason, all of the meats & vegetables which we use in our ready made meals, come from a 5-10mile radius from where we are located in Craigavon; thus cutting our carbon footprint / food miles.

Equally, we are a local food manufacturer, therefore only want to use other local produce in our meals as we understand how important it is to support local & champion other Northern Irish brands.


Recycling our Food Waste is so important to us.

Here at Karri Kitchen, we use a lot of broccoli florets in at least 80% of our ready meal meals.  However, rather than simply dispose of the broccoli stalk once we have finished with the broccoli, we keep it & use it in some of our ready made meals such as our tasty Thai Green Chicken Curry.

For us at Karri Kitchen it is all about Zero Waste & trying to be as environmentally efficient in everything that we do.  And did you know that the broccoli stalks have the same amount of vitamins & minerals as the broccoli florets have so why would you throw them out!

Food Waste

Donating our Meals to Simon Community NI.

We know that there are many people in need of a warm meal every evening & because of that, any left over ready made meals from Karri Kitchen, we donate them to Simon Community NI.

Simon Community NI is one of Northern Ireland’s leading homeless charities who work without judgement to support people who are experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness.  If you are looking to support the Simon Community is some small way, click here.

Energy Efficient

We are always looking at ways to make our HQ as energy efficient as possible.

Here at our premise in Carn Industrial Estate in Craigavon, we are always looking at innovative ways to be as energy efficient as we can be.   Currently we have solar panels; a renewable energy source installed on the roof of our building & our kitchen is fully electric.