Karri Kitchen

Who we are

Bringing healthy South-East Asian cuisine to homes
across Northern Ireland.

Our Story

From South-East Asia to you in Northern Ireland

Karri Kitchen was established & founded in 2019 by me, Shera McAloran. Sharing my Indonesian heritage through cooking super tasty, healthy South-East Asian cuisine is a great passion of mine & I am thrilled to share this with you through the Karri Kitchen menu.

Karri Kitchen

About Shera McAloran

Offering the best South-East Asian Cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Hello! My name is Shera & I’m the founder of Karri Kitchen.

I started Karri Kitchen several years ago in Northern Ireland, having moved from Sydney in 2017 where I had lived for 8 years. Karri Kitchen is the reflection of my Indonesian heritage, my rich & varied experience in the food industry, as well as my great passion for healthy & nutritious food.

Hospitality & clean healthy eating has always been part of my life – it is how I’ve been raised, it is my family’s lifestyle, & it is my work experience.

I believe in #IntuitiveEating – listening to your body & trusting instincts to make choices around fresh & nutritious food, without judgement & influence from a ‘dieting’ culture. We are all born not only with the desire & necessity to eat, but also with the instinctive skills to stop when we are full, to eat when we are hungry, to distinguish different tastes & what we like & don’t like, & to eat satisfying foods. I have brought all of this together in each Karri Kitchen meal. Offering South-East Asian cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

I know you are going to enjoy our dishes!


Our Stockists

We are currently stocked in many convenience food stores across Northern Ireland such as SPAR, Supervalu, & Costcutter, as well as some local Northern Irish independently owned stores.

We are expanding into new locations all the time so look out for our announcements & updates of our stocklist list. Check out our current stockist list here.

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